Anyone But Yulia

For many reasons, Yulia Tymoshenko must not be Ukraine’s next president.

Tymoshenko Grandstands As Ukraine Hangs By A Thread

Today, Ukraine needs leadership who will sacrifice for a nation badly wounded by the last six weeks, not mere politicians looking for another photo opportunity.

Yulia Tymoshenko: Her Past is Her Prologue, Again and Again

While cast in the role of heroic martyr and freedom fighter, she has rallied millions to her cause. In power, she has been little different from the overwhelmingly male leaders against whom she has contrasted herself.

Ukraine to Seek Restitution of $500 Million from Lazarenko and Tymoshenko

With so many credible allegations of wrongdoing remaining, baseless demands for Tymoshenko to be pardoned must not stand in the way of a true commitment both to the law and to a serious policy toward Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Association Agreement More Likely as Tymoshenko May Soon Be Partially Pardoned

This development is part of a larger series of events that point more and more inexorably toward the signing of the Association Agreement and closer ties at last between Europe and Ukraine.

After First ECHR Ruling, a Time to Reflect on Ukraine and Tymoshenko

In the months to come, Europe and Ukraine must practice true Realpolitik. With luck, passions will have cooled to the point that good statesmanship is not merely possible, but likely.

The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly and Ukraine Pass in the Night

It would be easier for Ukraine to take the co-rapporteurs’ suggestion and eliminate the European Union’s last remaining objection to Kyiv. It must not do so. The rule of law is too precious to be cast aside even in the name of national interest.

Ukraine, Tymoshenko and the European Court of Human Rights

The ECHR deserves a plaudit for rejecting the most ridiculous of Tymoshenko’s allegations, effectively undercutting Tymoshenko’s narrative of a brutal regime that imprisoned and tortured her in the prelude to a rigged trial.

Now Is Not the Time to Force Ukraine into Russia’s Embrace

There has been talk in Washington of late of sanctions against Ukraine for the continuing tribulations of Yulia Tymoshenko. This would be a profound error.

Merkel’s Party Begins to Thaw on Tymoshenko

That another member of Angela Merkel’s party — one with the foreign affairs and PACE credentials to carry significant weight — is willing to break with Ukraine’s harshest interlocutor and the head of his party is a telling sea change.