Poland and Ukraine Emerge from Euro 2012 the Real Victors

June opened with a shadow war against two former Eastern Bloc hostage nations by the British media and the governments of some EU member states. It closed with proof that the countries could be and were good citizens of Europe.

Engagement in Ukraine: Will Europe and the United States Continue?

Our own Matt Lina appears today at RedState, arguing that Europe’s — and by extension, America’s — approach to Ukraine has been defective, at least.

What Lessons Does Iceland Hold for the World?

Where we give others a pass as they struggle to undertake democratic norms not just politically but socially, and forgive Iceland for prosecuting its former prime minister for the crime of not foreseeing the largest financial disaster in nearly a century, we see Soviet-style commissars grinding the peasantry beneath their iron heels.

A Turn in the Yulia Tymoshenko Case?

The latest news is that Tymoshenko could be pardoned as a result of Ukraine’s continued, sweeping reforms to its elections and criminal codes.