Valeriy Khoroshkovsky: A Harbinger for Ukraine’s Future?

Khoroshkovsky is the telegenic, English-fluent, charismatic tip of a spear, aimed at both those Western governments that are slow to believe in Ukrainian reforms, and in those revanchists in Ukraine who believe reform is a waste of energy and time.

Engagement in Ukraine: Will Europe and the United States Continue?

Our own Matt Lina appears today at RedState, arguing that Europe’s — and by extension, America’s — approach to Ukraine has been defective, at least.

Situation Report: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has chosen to be a pro-Western and pro-American sovereignty. Like so many of the countries formerly under the control of the totalitarian Russian state, it has opted to look West rather than to join some Eurasian pact of the sort Vladimir Putin envisions.

Gas Dispute Puts Ukraine Between Russia and a Hard Place

Ukraine now finds itself with the Hobson’s choice of further dependence on Russia, or continued major economic restructuring to bring its industry and energy sectors more in line with Europe. Its President, Viktor Yanukovych, has explicitly stated that Ukraine’s future lies with the West, and not the dying East.

Situation Report: Poland

Because of Poland’s unique history as perhaps the single modern nation most oppressed by outsiders, victory in the Cold War, often thought of as an American story, can be, with justice, thought of as a great vindication of Polish perseverance.