Reflections on Lost Chances: Ukraine and the CIS

Ukraine could have been a symbol of the West’s determination and ability to make its vision of the world a reality. Ukraine today is a symbol of Western impotence and indifference. And the former Soviet Union is watching.

Europe’s Credulity on Display: Were Ukrainian Snipers Backed by Maidan Leaders?

Why is the EU hiding the “more and more strengthened” conclusion that the very people in power in Kyiv were behind the events that brought them to power?

West Sowing a Bitter Harvest in Ukraine

In any democracy worth its name, these men would be behind bars for using force to get them what democratic elections did not. Because they have powerful international backers, they are not.

Leaked Phone Call Shows Western Incompetence in Ukraine

This does nothing to encourage the West’s attempts to portray itself as an inevitable and calm future for Ukraine, which until just days ago was its entire foreign policy in the East.

Europe Has Failed Ukraine

Russia has played for the prize of Ukraine — for its 46 millions, for its industry, for its gas pipelines, for its culture and history, for its geopolitical value and its economic potential — to win. Europe has played, when it has bothered to play, not to lose.

Decision Time Approaches for EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as Putin Ups the Pressure

A critical moment is approaching in November, when Ukraine and the European Union are set to sign an historic Association Agreement and create a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Russia is determined to stop this.

Ukraine, Tymoshenko and the European Court of Human Rights

The ECHR deserves a plaudit for rejecting the most ridiculous of Tymoshenko’s allegations, effectively undercutting Tymoshenko’s narrative of a brutal regime that imprisoned and tortured her in the prelude to a rigged trial.

Ukraine’s Brinksmanship with Russia and European Union

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is playing a dangerous game, but it is one forced on him by a European Union that pushes Ukraine away even as it claims it wants closer ties. Unfortunately, he cannot play this game indefinitely.

Ukraine Looks West and Southeast, Not East

While the diplomatic and media worlds are focused eternally on Yulia Tymoshenko, if the reform program continues, there is some hope for Ukraine’s economy even in the face of the dismal economic picture and demographic hurdles Ukraine faces.

Ukraine’s “Litmus Test” Elections Arrive

On Monday, the world will wake to a Ukraine that has passed its litmus test. The growing debate over how to view Ukraine will heat up as free elections and the mounting evidence show a country determined to be part of Europe.