Stay Classy, Russia

Russia’s United Nations delegation walked out of a speech by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, citing the speech’s “aggression.” Read that again, to savor it.

Azerbaijan an Island of Stability in a Sea of Chaos

Baku has been able to weather this storm in no small part because of its unique makeup — its oil wealth, its careful development of non-petroleum industry, its historically tolerant Shi’i population, and its position at the crossroads of so many cultures and states in Eurasia.

Belarus on United Nations Human Rights Hit List

Increased attention to repression in Belarus is welcome. We can only hope that some day the people of Belarus will enjoy their own “Arab Spring.”

Situation Report: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has chosen to be a pro-Western and pro-American sovereignty. Like so many of the countries formerly under the control of the totalitarian Russian state, it has opted to look West rather than to join some Eurasian pact of the sort Vladimir Putin envisions.

Kazakhstan’s Bid for the UNHRC an Opening for the West

When one of the former Soviet republics, even one with an uneven record like Kazakhstan, makes a bid for Western integration and recognition, we should encourage that transition.