A Study in Contrasts: PACE Praises Azerbaijan’s Elections, Decries Turkey’s

In its hamfisted policy, Europe is making a darker future, even while Baku tries to create a brighter one.

Armenia’s Fixation on the Past Blinds It to the Future

An end to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would end reliance on Russian military power; an end to blaming the grandchildren of the Ottomans for the sins of a long-fallen empire would allow new trading vistas and hope to open again.

Azerbaijani Natural Gas Expansion Enhances European Energy Security

Azerbaijan is one of the critical pieces in Europe’s long-term bid for energy security — a necessary precondition for the standards of government and living to which we have grown accustomed.

Azerbaijan’s Role as Energy, Security Provider Increases

Wars do not all arise from privation, but markets break and are overrun, and democracy never grows, where men and women starve or shiver in the cold. Baku is learning this lesson over time. Hopefully, Europe will as well.