West Sowing a Bitter Harvest in Ukraine

In any democracy worth its name, these men would be behind bars for using force to get them what democratic elections did not. Because they have powerful international backers, they are not.

What Fascists? Ukrainian Opposition Seeks to Pretend Away Svoboda

Tyahnybok’s rhetoric has not cooled since former president Viktor Yushchenko kicked him out of what is now the opposition, and yet he is as welcome there as he has ever been.

Jews and the Former Communist Bloc

This is not to say that anti-Semitism is uniquely confined to these states; rather, in the absence of a healthy polity, anti-Semitism takes root, sickening civil society and government, which in turn breeds more anti-Semitism.

Report: U.S. State Department Places Travel Restriction on Svoboda

If this is true, it is marvelous news, and a welcome sign that even through an almost slavish love of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Opposition, the world can note when terrible things rise again from forgotten graves.

Word of Ukrainian Opposition’s Ties to Fascists Spreads

It was little noticed during Ukraine’s elections that the Opposition has embraced a group of neo-Nazis. It is time for the world to call them to account.

Ukrainian Elections and Openness Offer New Opportunity to Europe

The move beyond Tymoshenko as the sole arbiter of Ukraine’s democracy is already underway in Ukraine. It is time to take that move into the larger world.

Yulia Tymoshenko’s Alliance with Neo-Nazi Party Draws International Attention

Were Ukraine a third-world country or Tymoshenko not well-assisted by expensive public relations firms, her destructive tendencies would be a source of mockery. Each advance she and her anti-Semitic allies make is at her backers’ feet.

Ukrainian Opposition Allies with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party

Someone should ask Clinton, Merkel, and every other world leader how they feel about staking Ukraine’s future on a woman who unhesitatingly allies with neo-Nazis, and who not only turned on Yushchenko’s opposition to Vladimir Putin, but now on his repudiation of fascists?