Ukraine’s Growth and Future

Today, a decade of hard work is set to pay off, and Ukraine deserves credit for its rapid work repairing and revitalizing the drive to Europe.

PACE Leader Hopes for Association Agreement With Ukraine Later This Year

This thaw is almost certainly a result of the realization that the constant bludgeoning Ukraine took from Brussels over every failure strengthened apologists for Russia against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s hard pivot to the EU.

New Ukrainian Criminal Code a Triumph of Democratic Development

It is the rare despotism that holds free elections and that makes it harder to prosecute criminal defendants. Ukrainians will understand this, as will those who actually view Ukraine for what it is: a country struggling with its Soviet scars, but still looking West.

Saakashvili, Georgia at the Crossroads

Saakashvili’s rise to power brought with it much hope for a democratic and free Georgia. Now that the end of his era is in sight, Saakashvili must ensure that the nation remains committed to the principles that he rode to election in the inspirational fall of 2003.

A Turn in the Yulia Tymoshenko Case?

The latest news is that Tymoshenko could be pardoned as a result of Ukraine’s continued, sweeping reforms to its elections and criminal codes.