Poland Asks: Does the EU Matter for Anything?

All of the fights over the next few weeks are mere sideshows. The greater story now is whether the European Union has a future beyond an existence as a trading zone.

Poland the Future Front for the West?

Today, Ukraine stands as the border between Russia’s expansionist drive and the West. Where does Poland fit in?

Poland Steps into the Gap of Western Absence

In fairness, nothing the West has done since the Bush Administration will have given Warsaw much confidence.

Jews and the Former Communist Bloc

This is not to say that anti-Semitism is uniquely confined to these states; rather, in the absence of a healthy polity, anti-Semitism takes root, sickening civil society and government, which in turn breeds more anti-Semitism.

New Markets and Bitter Memories at the Heart of Poland’s Drive for European Expansion

Poland is becoming the number one supporter of further European expansion.

Poland Decides a Little Old-School Socialist Nationalization Can Be Good for the Soul

Why would I invest in you if you’re simply going to say you should never have let me do so in the first place?

Poland’s Euro Adventure

Although its membership in the European Union remains a cherished fact for most Poles, the euro’s appeal to the Poles has decreased dramatically.

…But Poland Will Remain Out of the Euro (For Now)

We have recently covered Latvia’s determination to advance into the eurozone despite popular opposition to the idea. In Poland, the popular discontent is there, but as a result, euro accession there may be a decade or more away.

Eastern Europe: Investment Opportunities Survive Bad Economy

With Europe in recession, the East will face continued tough times. However, even today some countries and some companies are doing well. With the right policies, the region can prosper in spite of the West’s difficulties.

Eastern Opportunities in Datacenter Development

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are well-positioned to benefit from a new wave of outsourcing and datacenter development. Over time the former Soviet states could create their own mini-Silicon Valleys.