Ukraine to Seek Restitution of $500 Million from Lazarenko and Tymoshenko

With so many credible allegations of wrongdoing remaining, baseless demands for Tymoshenko to be pardoned must not stand in the way of a true commitment both to the law and to a serious policy toward Ukraine.

Former Ukrainian Presidential Guard Claims Proof of Tymoshenko’s Involvement in Murder

Mykola Melnychenko, a former Ukranian State Guard Department Major, claims that he has proof that Pavlo Lazarenko ordered the assassination of Yevhen Shcherban, and Yulia Tymoshenko financed it.

Former Ukranian Prime Minister Lazarenko About to Lose His House to Taxes

According to the Marin Independent Journal, the disgraced former Prime Minister of Ukraine owes Marin County $2.1 million in back taxes and late payment fines on his mansion in that picturesque county.