International Election Observers: Azerbaijani Parliamentary Elections “Free, Transparent, Democratic”

International observers concluded Monday that Azerbaijan’s parliamentary elections were generally in accord with internationally-accepted standards.

Azerbaijan Heads to the Polls [UPDATED]

Voters are broadly happy with the direction of the country, even those casting votes for opposition or unaligned candidates.

Elections in Azerbaijan: Avoid the “Double Standard”

There are reasonable doubts and facts proving that some international spheres are trying to discredit the next free and democratic elections in Azerbaijan, even before they take place.

Ukrainian Elections and Openness Offer New Opportunity to Europe

The move beyond Tymoshenko as the sole arbiter of Ukraine’s democracy is already underway in Ukraine. It is time to take that move into the larger world.

Ukraine’s “Litmus Test” Elections Arrive

On Monday, the world will wake to a Ukraine that has passed its litmus test. The growing debate over how to view Ukraine will heat up as free elections and the mounting evidence show a country determined to be part of Europe.

“Ukraine Needs Europe, and Europe Needs Ukraine”

“The only chance for Ukraine is to be on our side … Ukraine needs Europe, and Europe needs Ukraine.” This was the general consensus of a conference in Berlin on October 23, 2012, featuring statesmen wrestling with Europe’s relationship with Ukraine in advance of upcoming parliamentary elections.

Debate on Ukraine’s Future Opens as Merkel’s CDU Schisms

Ukraine will hold elections on the 28th. How it conducts its election, and not Yulia Tymoshenko’s trial and sentence, should be the litmus test for Ukraine.

Former Ukrainian President Yushchenko: Tymoshenko Gas Contract with Russia “Criminal by Nature”

Former Ukrainian President Yushchenko described the gas contract former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko negotiated as “criminal by nature.” Expect the United Opposition to attempt to tie together Yuschenko and the man against whom he famously went to war in 2004, President Yanukovych.

Will Free and Fair Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections Seal the Deal with the European Union?

As Europe struggles to determine whether its common currency will survive, some are arguing that it should isolate Ukraine, and its own future energy security. The proponents of engagement are asking the very real questions Why? and At what cost? It is a different view, and one that recognizes the real value of engagement.