European Parliaments Agree: Azerbaijan’s Elections Were “Free, Fair and Transparent”

This is a proud moment for Azerbaijan, who hopes to show that its enormous economic development has matched its political growth: European norms for a European economy.

Azerbaijan Prepares for Polls

An independent poll of over 1,000 Azerbaijanis by American polling firm Arthur Finkelstein and Associates shows Aliyev with an 86 percent approval rating among likely voters, a rating that increases to over 90 percent among those certain to vote.

The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly and Ukraine Pass in the Night

It would be easier for Ukraine to take the co-rapporteurs’ suggestion and eliminate the European Union’s last remaining objection to Kyiv. It must not do so. The rule of law is too precious to be cast aside even in the name of national interest.

PACE Leader Hopes for Association Agreement With Ukraine Later This Year

This thaw is almost certainly a result of the realization that the constant bludgeoning Ukraine took from Brussels over every failure strengthened apologists for Russia against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s hard pivot to the EU.

Guest Column: Why We Should Not Pre-Judge Elections in Ukraine

Ukraine clearly wants to be part of a united Europe. It is incumbent upon us to help them remain on the road to a modern, European democracy, rather than wasting our time and theirs threatening and reproaching them without end.

Engagement with Ukraine Yields Positive Results

PACE has shown that Kyiv can be brought into the fold, through an open-handed process. It is time that the rest of Europe’s institutions recognize this as well.