The Customs Union’s Strength is Its Weak Link: Oil Prices Threaten Putin’s Project

Russian economic and military power is heavily dependent on high oil and natural gas prices. Cut the floor beneath those prices and a Communist superpower crumbles, and a revanchist Empire buckles.

Azerbaijan, Natural Gas, and the Reluctance of Europe: Two Cure the Third

The last year has shown that Putin perceives that his strengths are paired with Western weaknesses; if the West is to seriously contest with him, it must become serious.

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Become Formal Russian Vassal State

However brief its renewed moment in the sun, it appears Russia may once again be called an empire — and all for a few billions of dollars.

Azerbaijan’s Democratic Norms and the Future of European Energy

Azerbaijan has made enormous strides over the last decade, but it is now a dual symbol: of what a former Soviet state can work to be, and how it can contribute to a European future

Ukraine to Seek Restitution of $500 Million from Lazarenko and Tymoshenko

With so many credible allegations of wrongdoing remaining, baseless demands for Tymoshenko to be pardoned must not stand in the way of a true commitment both to the law and to a serious policy toward Ukraine.

Lithuania Blows Its Chance to Blow Up Gazprom

Getting completely out from Russia’s deeply unpleasant embrace should be Lithuania’s first, second, and third foreign policy and economic priorities.

Report: Azerbaijan to Become Non-Oil Dependent by 2020

Baku used its oil wealth as a source of venture capital for other industries and to help the refugees of Armenia’s illegal occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and upward of 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory.

Energy Security as the Key to Defeating Russia

The nations that want to choose a Western destiny rather than having an Eastern one forced on them are not merely finding ways out from under Russia’s greatest source of power, but are breaking that power at the same time.

Azerbaijani Natural Gas Expansion Enhances European Energy Security

Azerbaijan is one of the critical pieces in Europe’s long-term bid for energy security — a necessary precondition for the standards of government and living to which we have grown accustomed.

Ukraine-Dutch Gas Deal a Blow to Russia

This deal, should it come to pass, should confirm for Europe once and for all that Ukraine is ready to chart a new course in the West.