NATO Threatens Russia With Stern Letter-Writing Campaign to Save Ukraine

Whatever Putin’s many sins — and they are legion — he has forced the West to admit that it just stopped caring years ago, and the world belongs to those who care.

Georgia’s Mixed Signals and the Eastern Partnership’s Future

Over the course of the last ten days, Margvelashvili has made the circuit of every major Western wire service, extolling the virtues of the West and reassuring Russia that everything will be just fine.

Poland the Future Front for the West?

Today, Ukraine stands as the border between Russia’s expansionist drive and the West. Where does Poland fit in?

Poland Steps into the Gap of Western Absence

In fairness, nothing the West has done since the Bush Administration will have given Warsaw much confidence.

Georgia Needs to Make its Best Case as it Looks West

Tbilisi should focus its ambitions on joining the EU. The most important benefits of joining the EU would be economic: allowing full participation in the continental market and spurring capital flows into Georgia.

Grishchenko in DC: Ukraine Has No Alternative to a Future Inside the Europe Union

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine made crystal clear his Government’s view that there is no alternative to future membership in the European Union, even in the face of pressure from Russia and the ongoing economic and political troubles rocking the Eurozone.

Situation Report: Uzbekistan

There are some inspiring stories among the former republics and satellite states of the Soviet Union. The same, regrettably, cannot be said for the Uzbeks.