Russia’s Last Imperial Bid Crumbling?

Each day is a new day. If Europe fails to seize its chances at the end of this month, or if the hurdles before the Eastern Partnership nations are too great, Putin may yet have another chance — the only chance he needs.

Russia to Moldova: Nice Little Country You Have There, Shame If It Froze to Death

Although Rogozin may have been wishing warm holiday tidings, he was more likely reminding Moldova that its natural gas supply comes bearing Gazprom’s seal.

Transnistria: Russia Anxieties Played Out on the Smallest Stage of All

Transnistria is taking on a significance totally disproportionate to its size. It is as if Russia’s regional anxieties are being played out on the smallest stage of all.

Moldova Continues Its Bid for Europe

Leanca faces problems a-plenty as he works to hold down order after the events of earlier this year and straddles more foreign policy challenges than he ever likely imagined he would face. It will be interesting to watch his efforts.

Association Agreement Brings Ukraine and EU Together Before Ink is Set

Russia has, inadvertently, reminded the EU that there are others with their sights set on Kyiv’s economic and political riches, and those suitors will not wait forever.

Russia Turns from Ukraine to Moldova

As with Ukraine, Putin is testing Europe’s resolve to see its expansion plans, and the dreams on which it was made, stand.

Moldova Looks to European Union

Moldova’s expanded economic ties with the EU, in particular, offer the prospect of increased trade and investment, and thus growth.

The Enemy Within: Moscow’s Hand Seen in Transdniester Moves

Leanca inherits a somewhat diminished hand than Filat had in dealing with Moscow and Tiraspol, and badly needs to assure a wary Europe that Moldova’s political strife is behind it.

An End to Moldova’s Constitutional Crisis?

It appears that the three main governing parties finally put aside their differences and determined to move forward for Moldova’s sake. Whatever their past failings, their present maturity should be applauded.

Moldova Descends (Farther) from EU

Moldovans are fighting over the poorest country in Europe. Former allies have turned on each other and the future of European integration — and more importantly, civil society and government harmony — in Moldova is now in doubt.