At Home and Abroad, Mixed Signals from New Georgian Government

As Prime Minister, it is Ivanishvili’s right to implement his agenda, but it is equally his responsibility to ensure the rights of the minority in the best interests of the people. If his government’s statements with respect to Russia are genuine, Ivanishvili has made a wise choice.

Georgia’s Leaders Must Unite in the Wake of Heated Election

While Saakashvili is no Washington, he was educated in the city that bears his name, at the university dedicated to his example. Unlike the great American founder, however, Saakashvili finds himself rejected after two terms by the Georgian people.

Georgia Needs to Make its Best Case as it Looks West

Tbilisi should focus its ambitions on joining the EU. The most important benefits of joining the EU would be economic: allowing full participation in the continental market and spurring capital flows into Georgia.