Europe’s Credulity on Display: Were Ukrainian Snipers Backed by Maidan Leaders?

Why is the EU hiding the “more and more strengthened” conclusion that the very people in power in Kyiv were behind the events that brought them to power?

Yulia Tymoshenko: Her Past is Her Prologue, Again and Again

While cast in the role of heroic martyr and freedom fighter, she has rallied millions to her cause. In power, she has been little different from the overwhelmingly male leaders against whom she has contrasted herself.

West Sowing a Bitter Harvest in Ukraine

In any democracy worth its name, these men would be behind bars for using force to get them what democratic elections did not. Because they have powerful international backers, they are not.

Leaked Phone Call Shows Western Incompetence in Ukraine

This does nothing to encourage the West’s attempts to portray itself as an inevitable and calm future for Ukraine, which until just days ago was its entire foreign policy in the East.

A Failure of America’s Fading Leadership in Ukraine … and in Europe

It is a stunning indictment of American foreign policy failures, and by implication, it is also a rebuke to Europe, whose oblivious handling of Ukraine’s bid for an Association Agreement was almost a cry for help.

What Fascists? Ukrainian Opposition Seeks to Pretend Away Svoboda

Tyahnybok’s rhetoric has not cooled since former president Viktor Yushchenko kicked him out of what is now the opposition, and yet he is as welcome there as he has ever been.

Ukraine, the European Union, Russia, and 2014

Today, one hundred years after the old Concert of Europe consensus broke down in death and slaughter, the last post-cataclysmic war consensus is breaking down.

Obama’s Leadership Failures: How the West Fails Ukraine and Itself

If the West is to have a united and peaceful Europe, it must once again do battle with the Empire of the East. America and Europe must once again believe in the justice of their own cause and act that way, before it is too late.

Europe Risks Losing Ukraine and Itself

The point of the European Union is not to bring European-style parliamentary democracy and regulation heavy free-trade-zones to the Continent. It is to end grinding, vicious, catastrophic wars that leave the Continent a smoking ruin.

Time for Europe to Go All-In on Ukraine

Brussels and Washington must do what they have been reluctant to do for years and forthrightly assert their interests in the face of opposition.