Poland Decides a Little Old-School Socialist Nationalization Can Be Good for the Soul

Why would I invest in you if you’re simply going to say you should never have let me do so in the first place?

Report: Azerbaijan to Become Non-Oil Dependent by 2020

Baku used its oil wealth as a source of venture capital for other industries and to help the refugees of Armenia’s illegal occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and upward of 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory.

Russia Targets Lithuania Next

Lithuania summoned the Russian ambassador for a dressing-down this week, an act that will no doubt cause Putin to quake in terror the very instant it is backed by a military larger than Russia’s.

Kazakhstan Finally Sees Kashagan Oil Field Come On-Line

This is a hopeful sign for energy security in the region, as the increase in nearby oil reserves makes reliance on Middle Eastern states almost as unnecessary as it is undesirable.

Energy Security: The Key to Eastern Europe’s Future

Despite signs of growing political instability in Tbilisi, this promises to be the groundwork for a revolution in Georgia, the former Soviet Union, and Europe as a whole.

Latvia and the Wages of Austerity

Presumably if the government gave out more free money, economically productive people would stick around?

Money Laundering in the Former Soviet Union

The net result is a perception that the law exists for the powerful, and in such places, what is left of civil society can never truly compete with the government and therefore grow.

Russia’s New Trade War: A Reminder to Ukraine of the Cost of Europe

Ukraine cannot hold out against Russian trade wars indefinitely; Europe’s shameful practice of holding out indefinitely a deeper integration has placed Kyiv in a position in which it must choose whether to protect its present or its future.

Estonia’s Delicate Dance

Despite its remarkable gains, Estonia has shown no sign of being able to escape its culture and its past.

Decision Time Approaches for EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as Putin Ups the Pressure

A critical moment is approaching in November, when Ukraine and the European Union are set to sign an historic Association Agreement and create a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Russia is determined to stop this.