Estonia’s Break with the Soviets is Complete: A Government that Promotes Doing Business

This is the future for which so many former Soviet Republics strive, even now: A world where the past is honored, but new frontiers are broken, where men voluntarily work together to make a better world.

Azerbaijan, Natural Gas, and the Reluctance of Europe: Two Cure the Third

The last year has shown that Putin perceives that his strengths are paired with Western weaknesses; if the West is to seriously contest with him, it must become serious.

Azerbaijan and Other Gazprom Alternatives Must Come Online

Gazprom fuels Russian military and political power; broken of that, Russia will be merely Venezuela with less political stability.

Why Join the EU?

Dealing in Eastern European finance is a fast way to learn that outside of a few countries, the advantages of European ties are ephemeral at best.

The Puzzle of the Baltics

Beneath the success of these individual stories is a somewhat odder truth: the Baltics only fit the European Union slightly better than they did the Soviet one.

Kyrgyzstan’s Clumsy Application of an Elegant Solution to a Primitive Problem

It probably struck everyone involved as terribly clever, the problem is that someone left it to Kyrgyzstan’s government to execute it.

Russia’s Long Game Faces Gazprom’s Waning Power

Mere money is not the same as the ability to hold a necessary resource hostage, and Moscow knows it.

Azerbaijan’s Democratic Norms and the Future of European Energy

Azerbaijan has made enormous strides over the last decade, but it is now a dual symbol: of what a former Soviet state can work to be, and how it can contribute to a European future

Kyrgyzstan to Nationalize High-Profile Goldmine

Officially, the mine accounts for 10 percent of GDP, and employs thousands of locals. Unofficially, its total impact on the official economy is 30 percent, and its impact on the shadow economy is even higher.

Lithuania Blows Its Chance to Blow Up Gazprom

Getting completely out from Russia’s deeply unpleasant embrace should be Lithuania’s first, second, and third foreign policy and economic priorities.