Yulia Tymoshenko’s Alliance with Neo-Nazi Party Draws International Attention

Were Ukraine a third-world country or Tymoshenko not well-assisted by expensive public relations firms, her destructive tendencies would be a source of mockery. Each advance she and her anti-Semitic allies make is at her backers’ feet.

Ukrainian Opposition Allies with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party

Someone should ask Clinton, Merkel, and every other world leader how they feel about staking Ukraine’s future on a woman who unhesitatingly allies with neo-Nazis, and who not only turned on Yushchenko’s opposition to Vladimir Putin, but now on his repudiation of fascists?

Now More Than Ever, Baku Needs Support from Western Capitals

Baku’s understands what will be expected of it and that it is willing to take steps necessary to forge good relationships with the West. The government must resist the impulse toward control that could curtail its great national potential.

U.S. Announces Georgian Military Aid

Clinton’s visit and the United States’ commitment to Georgia – under diametrically opposed administrations, no less – underscores Saakashvili’s success.