The Customs Union’s Strength is Its Weak Link: Oil Prices Threaten Putin’s Project

Russian economic and military power is heavily dependent on high oil and natural gas prices. Cut the floor beneath those prices and a Communist superpower crumbles, and a revanchist Empire buckles.

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Become Formal Russian Vassal State

However brief its renewed moment in the sun, it appears Russia may once again be called an empire — and all for a few billions of dollars.

Russia’s Long Game Faces Gazprom’s Waning Power

Mere money is not the same as the ability to hold a necessary resource hostage, and Moscow knows it.

Russia to Moldova: Nice Little Country You Have There, Shame If It Froze to Death

Although Rogozin may have been wishing warm holiday tidings, he was more likely reminding Moldova that its natural gas supply comes bearing Gazprom’s seal.

Lithuania Blows Its Chance to Blow Up Gazprom

Getting completely out from Russia’s deeply unpleasant embrace should be Lithuania’s first, second, and third foreign policy and economic priorities.

Putin Latest Attempt to Defuse Azerbaijan’s Threat to Moscow’s Energy Power Fails

The effort to rebuild the Russian Empire has been stymied by Ukraine’s clever transformation of its energy policy and Azerbaijan’s growth as an alternative energy provider.

Energy Security as the Key to Defeating Russia

The nations that want to choose a Western destiny rather than having an Eastern one forced on them are not merely finding ways out from under Russia’s greatest source of power, but are breaking that power at the same time.

Pipeline Choice a Win for Azerbaijan, EU

Choosing TAP over Nabucco demonstrates that Azerbiajan’s energy sector can work cooperatively with the West to meet one of Europe’s greatest needs, reliable supplies of energy at competitive prices.

Lithuania’s Move to Nuclear a Blow to Gazprom

In a little-noticed news item last week, Lithuania announced that it will re-open talks with its fellow Baltic states and Hitachi to open a nuclear plant outside of Visaginas.

European Battle Against Gazprom Continues

Europe is tired of the Gazprom monopoly and isn’t going to take it any more. At least, that appears to be the message from Lithuania, which will take over the European Union’s rotating presidency in July.