Freedom House Rediscovers That Uzbekistan Is a Horrible, Horrible Place

The fact that Uzbekistan has only now joined this exclusive list says more about Freedom House than it does about Uzbekistan.

Belarus on United Nations Human Rights Hit List

Increased attention to repression in Belarus is welcome. We can only hope that some day the people of Belarus will enjoy their own “Arab Spring.”

Grishchenko in DC: Ukraine Has No Alternative to a Future Inside the Europe Union

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine made crystal clear his Government’s view that there is no alternative to future membership in the European Union, even in the face of pressure from Russia and the ongoing economic and political troubles rocking the Eurozone.

Saakashvili, Georgia at the Crossroads

Saakashvili’s rise to power brought with it much hope for a democratic and free Georgia. Now that the end of his era is in sight, Saakashvili must ensure that the nation remains committed to the principles that he rode to election in the inspirational fall of 2003.