Belarussian Foreign Investment Slows as Russia’s Involvement Deepens

The cost of this increasingly intimate embrace with Moscow has been, and continues to be in the future, economic disaster for the dictatorship of Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Moscow, EU Battle for Ukraine’s Economic Future

While some observers, such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, see the ECU as a genuine attempt to improve economic prospects for the developing nations of the former USSR, Ukraine is wise to remain wary.

IMF Board Welcomes Ukraine’s Fiscal Progress

The IMF has issued a report that appears to be a cautious signal that the IMF is open to re-opening the loan program, even though gas subsidies will likely remain in place at least through 2013.

Situation Report: The Eurasian Economic Community

The nations inhabiting the former Soviet space have to ask themselves whether the benefits of joining a Russian-dominated common area will outweigh the costs in terms of lost market flexibility outside the union and the loss of foreign policy discretion.