Free Markets, Free People

Jews and the Former Communist Bloc

This is not to say that anti-Semitism is uniquely confined to these states; rather, in the absence of a healthy polity, anti-Semitism takes root, sickening civil society and government, which in turn breeds more anti-Semitism.

The Puzzle of the Baltics

Beneath the success of these individual stories is a somewhat odder truth: the Baltics only fit the European Union slightly better than they did the Soviet one.

Estonia Open to New Greek Bailout; Cats and Dogs Living Together in Berlin Next?

This is a dangerous gamble. Poor but thriving Estonia may not be thriving much longer, and may not have enough to help rich but struggling Greece.

Estonia’s Delicate Dance

Despite its remarkable gains, Estonia has shown no sign of being able to escape its culture and its past.

PRISM Fallout Casts a Pall on East-West Relations

The problem for the West’s allies is that the PRISM program sounds almost exactly like NKVD/KGB operations, from secret wiretaps to anonymous government officials analyzing reams of data to identify suspects behind black, closed doors.

Foreign Policy Names Estonia Best Investment Destination in Europe

Estonia has become increasingly influential in European circles for its tight fiscal management and an economy that has shown surprising resilience in the face of the ongoing slow meltdown of Europe.

Estonia Boasts Lowest Government Debt in EU

Estonia boasts the lowest government debt in the entire European Union. In case anyone from Germany is reading this and scowling, it is worth adding that Estonia’s numbers were also the lowest by percentage of GDP.

Eastern Europe: Investment Opportunities Survive Bad Economy

With Europe in recession, the East will face continued tough times. However, even today some countries and some companies are doing well. With the right policies, the region can prosper in spite of the West’s difficulties.

Estonia: Government Innovations Lead the Way

Tallinn obviously had advantages that other former Soviet republics did not. Nevertheless, Estonia’s e-government experience demonstrates that even a small nation can take an innovative lead.

The Baltic States Prosper Amidst the Euro’s Ruin

The Eurozone continues to go from bad to worse. Greece may be on its way out. Spain wants a bank bail-out. Buried amongst this depressing cascade of impending catastrophe is some good news. The Baltic States have demonstrated the art of economic reform.