A Study in Contrasts: PACE Praises Azerbaijan’s Elections, Decries Turkey’s

In its hamfisted policy, Europe is making a darker future, even while Baku tries to create a brighter one.

US Secretary of State Has Reporter Thrown Out of Love Session for Islam Karimov

The entire affair was a muted blessing of this group of psychopaths, tyrants, and incompetents, a mark of respect not one of those Hell-holes deserves.

Whither the West: A New Beginning

As we prepare for a re-launch, we will be hosting symposia on several questions, with our scholars — past and present — and some notable personalities weighing in.

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Become Formal Russian Vassal State

However brief its renewed moment in the sun, it appears Russia may once again be called an empire — and all for a few billions of dollars.

Slavery Unending in Central Asia

Those countries that are working toward Western ideals, however haltingly, are the good ones. The satrapies of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan do not care, and so medieval brutalities are commonplace.

Central Asia’s Past as Perpetual Prologue

Everyone — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, possibly Timur himself — want a piece of the valley and have legitimate and highly contested claims to it.

Uzbekistan Expands Its Sphere of Influence

Lest it be thought that Karimov and his corrupt regime have no value, they are providing a lesson: the Soviet Union left a great many idiots behind in its wake, and those idiots are unconcerned with anything but their own enrichment.

Armenia’s Fixation on the Past Blinds It to the Future

An end to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would end reliance on Russian military power; an end to blaming the grandchildren of the Ottomans for the sins of a long-fallen empire would allow new trading vistas and hope to open again.

A Realignment of the -Stans

Today, as Russia and China tussle over the post-American world on the continent, Ashgabat and Tashkent can become secondary beneficiaries of the energy and commerce that will move through the area.

Kyrgyzstan’s Clumsy Application of an Elegant Solution to a Primitive Problem

It probably struck everyone involved as terribly clever, the problem is that someone left it to Kyrgyzstan’s government to execute it.