Ukrainian Opposition Allies with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party

Someone should ask Clinton, Merkel, and every other world leader how they feel about staking Ukraine’s future on a woman who unhesitatingly allies with neo-Nazis, and who not only turned on Yushchenko’s opposition to Vladimir Putin, but now on his repudiation of fascists?

Debate on Ukraine’s Future Opens as Merkel’s CDU Schisms

Ukraine will hold elections on the 28th. How it conducts its election, and not Yulia Tymoshenko’s trial and sentence, should be the litmus test for Ukraine.

Democracy in Ukraine: Elections 2012

This is a critical chance to test Ukraine’s commitment to democracy, both by the Government and by the Opposition.

“Ukraine Should Become a Symbol of Cooperation Between the European Union and Russia.”

Should Ukraine’s deeper integration with the European Union be held hostage to Tymoshenko’s case while the European Court of Human Rights hears her appeal? Prominent statesmen argue that engagement should be the way forward for Ukraine’s and Europe’s longer-term strategic interests.

Guest Column: Why We Should Not Pre-Judge Elections in Ukraine

Ukraine clearly wants to be part of a united Europe. It is incumbent upon us to help them remain on the road to a modern, European democracy, rather than wasting our time and theirs threatening and reproaching them without end.

Yulia Tymoshenko Demands That Ukrainian Elections Be Invalidated

The European Parliament should deny Tymoshenko the use of their good offices for her ends, and instead insist that Ukraine be judged as every other nation, even Burma, has been judged: by the election process itself once completed.

Slight Thaw in Turkmenistan?

A reform program in Turkmenistan would most obviously benefit the Turkmen people. They would gain control over their own government, as well as encourage increased international investment.

Armenia’s Elections Damned with Faint Praise

OSCE observers were quick to note that the Republican Party of Armenia engaged in systematic subversion of the electoral process, including pressure on voters and a refusal by electoral commissions to enforce the law.