Irregularities at PACE’s Secretary-General Elections Come to the Fore

Aleksandra Djurović, the head of the PACE Serbian delegation, has pushed for an investigation into irregularities in a recent PACE election, which include allegations of double-voting and counting the votes of delegates whose votes could not count.

A Study in Contrasts: PACE Praises Azerbaijan’s Elections, Decries Turkey’s

In its hamfisted policy, Europe is making a darker future, even while Baku tries to create a brighter one.

Azerbaijan’s Elections Shaping Up As Reminder to West About Nagorno-Karabakh

The effect Nagorno-Karabakh will have on the elections stands in stark contrast to its place in the Western imagination.

Elections in Azerbaijan: Avoid the “Double Standard”

There are reasonable doubts and facts proving that some international spheres are trying to discredit the next free and democratic elections in Azerbaijan, even before they take place.

Elections in a World Falling Down

Vladimir Putin merely wants every nation within Moscow’s reach to accept that the center of gravity in their region lies roughly at the doors to the Kremlin.

Azerbaijan’s Malfunctioning Election App Draws Snickers from Supporters of Malfunctioning Obamacare

One would think that a vocal supporter of President Obama and his signature law would tread lightly when mocking tech rollouts. Whatever else you may say, the CEC’s app isn’t mandatory, and its failure is unlikely to result in fines for its users.

Azerbaijan Prepares for Polls

An independent poll of over 1,000 Azerbaijanis by American polling firm Arthur Finkelstein and Associates shows Aliyev with an 86 percent approval rating among likely voters, a rating that increases to over 90 percent among those certain to vote.

Agenda of Growth for the New Georgian Government

Political cooperation would create a better climate for further reform and, equally important, to attract new foreign investment. If Georgia succeeds it has, suggested ICG, an opportunity “to serve proudly as a true development model for the region.”

Ukraine’s “Litmus Test” Elections Arrive

On Monday, the world will wake to a Ukraine that has passed its litmus test. The growing debate over how to view Ukraine will heat up as free elections and the mounting evidence show a country determined to be part of Europe.

“Ukraine Needs Europe, and Europe Needs Ukraine”

“The only chance for Ukraine is to be on our side … Ukraine needs Europe, and Europe needs Ukraine.” This was the general consensus of a conference in Berlin on October 23, 2012, featuring statesmen wrestling with Europe’s relationship with Ukraine in advance of upcoming parliamentary elections.