Free Markets, Free People

Armenia’s Fixation on the Past Blinds It to the Future

An end to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict would end reliance on Russian military power; an end to blaming the grandchildren of the Ottomans for the sins of a long-fallen empire would allow new trading vistas and hope to open again.

The Puzzle of the Baltics

Beneath the success of these individual stories is a somewhat odder truth: the Baltics only fit the European Union slightly better than they did the Soviet one.

Kyrgyzstan’s Clumsy Application of an Elegant Solution to a Primitive Problem

It probably struck everyone involved as terribly clever, the problem is that someone left it to Kyrgyzstan’s government to execute it.

Whither Georgia?

Georgia is now indisputably tilted more toward Moscow than it has ever been. It continues to claim a European future, but its dominant political class is coming to see the value of Moscow not merely as a trading and foreign policy partner, but as a governing model.

Kyrgyzstan Plays Great Power Bingo

Every great power in the region is courting the landlocked little crossroads within an inch of its life.

Georgia’s Step Back

While Georgia has gone very far to show its European bona fides, its recent actions speak of a nation not so much hungry for Europe as expecting it.

Uzbekistan’s Endless Lost Decade

There is a tragedy here, one that goes even beyond the thousand and one failures of governance that marks this as perhaps the very worst run of the former Soviet Republics.

Kyrgyzstan to Nationalize High-Profile Goldmine

Officially, the mine accounts for 10 percent of GDP, and employs thousands of locals. Unofficially, its total impact on the official economy is 30 percent, and its impact on the shadow economy is even higher.

Ukraine to Seek Restitution of $500 Million from Lazarenko and Tymoshenko

With so many credible allegations of wrongdoing remaining, baseless demands for Tymoshenko to be pardoned must not stand in the way of a true commitment both to the law and to a serious policy toward Ukraine.

Petition to Remove Pro-Soviet Memorial Strains Ties Between Riga and Moscow

A petition is making the rounds in Latvia to dismantle a World War II memorial that commemorates the Soviet “liberators” who brutally pushed out the Nazis after brutally occupying the state years before.