Azerbaijan, the Council of Europe, and Nagorno-Karabakh: A Reckoning

The failure of the world to follow through on its resolutions is endangering the authority of the bodies charged with keeping the peace.

Democracy in Ukraine: Elections 2012

This is a critical chance to test Ukraine’s commitment to democracy, both by the Government and by the Opposition.

Engagement with Ukraine Yields Positive Results

PACE has shown that Kyiv can be brought into the fold, through an open-handed process. It is time that the rest of Europe’s institutions recognize this as well.

What Lessons Does Iceland Hold for the World?

Where we give others a pass as they struggle to undertake democratic norms not just politically but socially, and forgive Iceland for prosecuting its former prime minister for the crime of not foreseeing the largest financial disaster in nearly a century, we see Soviet-style commissars grinding the peasantry beneath their iron heels.