A New Beginning

While all eyes are on Ukraine as we write this, there are other glimmers of hope in the former Soviet Union: Azerbaijan, Moldova, even Georgia, all have a chance to break loose to the West. (Ukraine’s fate is uncertain for now.)

Europe Needs a New Eastern Partnership Strategy

The Eastern Partnership failed because it was not an Eastern Partnership, it was an Eastern Condescension.

Vladimir Putin’s Grand Play

After a decade of hard work, Putin is finally poised to reclaim the Russian Empire he believes should exist of right.

The Economist’s Almost-Accurate Forecast for Ukraine, Eastern Europe

La Guardia is essentially correct: Europe, whether it realizes it or not, is staking several futures on its next moves.

Belarusian Dream

This is a moving piece, longer than we normally display here. It tells a story of Belarus from within Belarus, a story of fractured dreams and hope. We commend it to you.

Cybersecurity and the Former Soviet Union

As long as these former Soviet republics maintain a Soviet-era view of private property, their future in the modern world will be more than a few nodes away.

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision Quandary

Things will smooth over between Russia and Azerbaijan soon, as the two have enjoyed a peaceful but tense relationship during the decades since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Sweden Tacitly Apologizes for Teddy Bear Invasion

It probably seemed funny at the time. According to the Associated Press: The Swedish Foreign Ministry says it is sending a diplomat to Belarus after its ambassador was expelled last year following a Swedish advertising agency’s stunt air-drop of hundreds of teddy bears into the former Soviet state. … Belarus did not officially cite the […]

Lukashenko: I’m No Dictator, Just President for Life

It is also important to remember that in almost every state of the former Soviet Union, there are large portions of the population who would gladly return to the USSR — this video is aimed at them.

Belarus Works to Prop Up Failure

A hard government need not have a poor economy. It is a testament to Lukashenko and his cronies that they can neither manage functional democracy nor economic growth.