Association Agreement Brings Ukraine and EU Together Before Ink is Set

Russia has, inadvertently, reminded the EU that there are others with their sights set on Kyiv’s economic and political riches, and those suitors will not wait forever.

Russia Turns from Ukraine to Moldova

As with Ukraine, Putin is testing Europe’s resolve to see its expansion plans, and the dreams on which it was made, stand.

European Commission Officials Encourage Engagement with Ukraine; Will the Rest of the West Follow?

It appears that Ukraine’s hard work and the pressure from Russia have sharpened the focus on the stakes in Ukraine’s westward turn. The open issue now is whether Europe and the US understand this.

Ukraine’s Growth and Future

Today, a decade of hard work is set to pay off, and Ukraine deserves credit for its rapid work repairing and revitalizing the drive to Europe.

Russian Government Official: Ukraine Will Continue to Suffer If It Embraces “Suicidal” Association Agreement

Over the weekend, Russia elected to discard any pretense at subtlety and closely linked its reminder of its economic importance to the upcoming Association Agreement between Brussels and the former Soviet republic.

Energy Security as the Key to Defeating Russia

The nations that want to choose a Western destiny rather than having an Eastern one forced on them are not merely finding ways out from under Russia’s greatest source of power, but are breaking that power at the same time.

The Economist’s Almost-Accurate Forecast for Ukraine, Eastern Europe

La Guardia is essentially correct: Europe, whether it realizes it or not, is staking several futures on its next moves.

Moldova Looks to European Union

Moldova’s expanded economic ties with the EU, in particular, offer the prospect of increased trade and investment, and thus growth.

Closer European Integration for Ukraine: A Summit on the Benefits and Challenges

European dignitaries and members of the Ukrainian Parliament from both sides of the aisle met to discuss the benefits and challenges of closer European integration. All agreed that the challenges, while real, are far outweighed by the benefits.

Closer Ties Between Ukraine and EU: “A Rare Opportunity to Unite Bold Dreams and Careful Statesmanship”

Prodi is therefore arguing that the dichotomy between Russia and Europe, faced by so many in the former Soviet Union, can be artificial. Lest he be accused of mere idealism, he has a cogent argument.