Georgia’s Mixed Signals and the Eastern Partnership’s Future

Over the course of the last ten days, Margvelashvili has made the circuit of every major Western wire service, extolling the virtues of the West and reassuring Russia that everything will be just fine.

Moldova 2014: A Do-Over

The impetus on Brussels now is to avoid another blunder. Ukraine is not lost to the European Union, but Armenia to all practical purposes is, a victim of Russian bullying and its own sins come home to roost.

Whither Georgia?

Georgia is now indisputably tilted more toward Moscow than it has ever been. It continues to claim a European future, but its dominant political class is coming to see the value of Moscow not merely as a trading and foreign policy partner, but as a governing model.

Europe Has Failed Ukraine

Russia has played for the prize of Ukraine — for its 46 millions, for its industry, for its gas pipelines, for its culture and history, for its geopolitical value and its economic potential — to win. Europe has played, when it has bothered to play, not to lose.

Europe Risks Losing Ukraine and Itself

The point of the European Union is not to bring European-style parliamentary democracy and regulation heavy free-trade-zones to the Continent. It is to end grinding, vicious, catastrophic wars that leave the Continent a smoking ruin.

Georgia’s Step Back

While Georgia has gone very far to show its European bona fides, its recent actions speak of a nation not so much hungry for Europe as expecting it.

Time for Europe to Go All-In on Ukraine

Brussels and Washington must do what they have been reluctant to do for years and forthrightly assert their interests in the face of opposition.

Russia to Moldova: Nice Little Country You Have There, Shame If It Froze to Death

Although Rogozin may have been wishing warm holiday tidings, he was more likely reminding Moldova that its natural gas supply comes bearing Gazprom’s seal.

Ukraine’s Association Agreement More Likely as Tymoshenko May Soon Be Partially Pardoned

This development is part of a larger series of events that point more and more inexorably toward the signing of the Association Agreement and closer ties at last between Europe and Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: Hero of Ukraine

When the story of Ukraine’s drive for Europe is written, Vladimir Putin will star in an outsized role: one of his rare blunders will be known as perhaps the final push that brought Brussels and Kyiv together at last.