Obama’s Leadership Failures: How the West Fails Ukraine and Itself

If the West is to have a united and peaceful Europe, it must once again do battle with the Empire of the East. America and Europe must once again believe in the justice of their own cause and act that way, before it is too late.

Ukraine Facing Pressure from Both Sides as Association Agreement Nears

Putin’s latest ploy will be a difficult one for Yanukovych to resist. The alternative is a return to an empire that has exploited Kyiv since the Muscovite Dukes took their spiritual and ancestral homeland centuries ago.

Merkel’s Party Begins to Thaw on Tymoshenko

That another member of Angela Merkel’s party — one with the foreign affairs and PACE credentials to carry significant weight — is willing to break with Ukraine’s harshest interlocutor and the head of his party is a telling sea change.

Ukrainian Opposition Allies with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party

Someone should ask Clinton, Merkel, and every other world leader how they feel about staking Ukraine’s future on a woman who unhesitatingly allies with neo-Nazis, and who not only turned on Yushchenko’s opposition to Vladimir Putin, but now on his repudiation of fascists?

EU Ambassador to Ukraine: Integration Should Go Forward

Speaking at a press conference in Kyiv, the EU’s lead ambassador to Ukraine offered some cheering thoughts to Ukraine’s leaders, who have sacrificed a great deal to advance Ukraine’s movement to the West.

Poland and Ukraine Emerge from Euro 2012 the Real Victors

June opened with a shadow war against two former Eastern Bloc hostage nations by the British media and the governments of some EU member states. It closed with proof that the countries could be and were good citizens of Europe.