Closer European Integration for Ukraine: A Summit on the Benefits and Challenges

European dignitaries and members of the Ukrainian Parliament from both sides of the aisle met to discuss the benefits and challenges of closer European integration. All agreed that the challenges, while real, are far outweighed by the benefits.

Kazakhstan’s Underappreciated Beauty

Kazakhstan’s shortcomings as a democracy have not stopped a basic desire by Kazakhs that the world should appreciate what they’ve done since the Soviet Union died.

Georgia’s Wine, a Soviet Survivor

Georgian wines survived by luring the Soviets into loving them, and that in turn allowed ancient traditions to survive an empire determined to eradicate everything precious and old.

Lukashenko: I’m No Dictator, Just President for Life

It is also important to remember that in almost every state of the former Soviet Union, there are large portions of the population who would gladly return to the USSR — this video is aimed at them.

Latvia’s Ties of History Run to Russia and Fascism

In Riga, former Waffen SS members drawn from Latvia — and, in a worrying development, younger generations — march in the streets in remembrance of the people who killed Jews and Slavs as equally bereft of humanity.

Occupation Denies Liberalization

Military occupation of one’s territory is an enormous impediment to liberalization, breeding its own special obstacles and changes in government and civil society that make free markets and free people less likely.

Moldova’s Past … and Future?

In light of our recent coverage of Moldova’s political chaos, we believe it would be helpful to show how far Moldova has come in a mere nine years … and how far it could fall again.

Is Germany’s Status as Moral Arbiter of Europe Endangered?

Led by an award-winning, formerly imprisoned Azerbaijani journalist, human rights activists, NGOs, and academics have come together to examine: What went wrong in Germany?

What Can Azerbaijan Teach the World About Religious Tolerance?

“Seven decades of religious repression under Soviet rule actually achieved the opposite of what was intended, galvanizing interfaith cooperation. The country is now poised to use its historical position as a tolerant and multi-faith nation to promote religious tolerance throughout Asia and beyond.”

“Ukraine Needs Europe, and Europe Needs Ukraine”

“The only chance for Ukraine is to be on our side … Ukraine needs Europe, and Europe needs Ukraine.” This was the general consensus of a conference in Berlin on October 23, 2012, featuring statesmen wrestling with Europe’s relationship with Ukraine in advance of upcoming parliamentary elections.