Latvia Responds to Western Uncertainty, Russian Aggression By Increasing Special Forces Troops

With the West wavering, Latvia is tripling its special operations forces.

Russia Endorses Plan to Keep Russia from Shooting Ukrainians (Subject to Revision)

Ukraine cannot dislodge the better Russian army; Russia cannot or will not finalize its de facto conquest of half of its cultural cradle; and the West has discovered a new reality television series in Syria.

NATO Threatens Russia With Stern Letter-Writing Campaign to Save Ukraine

Whatever Putin’s many sins — and they are legion — he has forced the West to admit that it just stopped caring years ago, and the world belongs to those who care.

Poland Asks: Does the EU Matter for Anything?

All of the fights over the next few weeks are mere sideshows. The greater story now is whether the European Union has a future beyond an existence as a trading zone.

Latvia’s Accession Agreement with OECD Signals Further Western Integration

The news of the OECD accession will only act as so much chum in the water for a weakened but very dangerous shark.

Ukraine’s PM: I Am My Own Man, I Will Fight Corruption, and Other Things No One Believes

Ukrainian Prime Minister Groysman is in one of the worst jobs in the world — and it would be a lot worse if he didn’t have a high likelihood of retiring to a Black Sea dacha soon.

Ukraine’s Parliament Stages Championship Fight, Reminding World It’s Still Ukraine

Yanukovych’s successors have promised even greater reforms and accomplished basically nothing — indeed, this is part of why Yatsenyuk’s government is in such danger.

US Secretary of State Has Reporter Thrown Out of Love Session for Islam Karimov

The entire affair was a muted blessing of this group of psychopaths, tyrants, and incompetents, a mark of respect not one of those Hell-holes deserves.

Ukraine Takes a Breath As Putin Briefly Looks to Syria

Ukraine should be working on getting a functioning military in place; obtaining cutting-edge weaponry from the United States, Europe, or Israel; and at any rate, preparing for a nastier war once Putin returns.

Latvia Curiously Unmoved by Suggestion That Fences Don’t Work

The migrants Latvia wants to stop are Russian migrants, with or without main battle tanks and artillery.