Year in Review: 2016, the Year of Unmarked Change

The world as we know it continued the slow dissolve that had been underway for years, and even picked up the pace.

Latvia Responds to Western Uncertainty, Russian Aggression By Increasing Special Forces Troops

With the West wavering, Latvia is tripling its special operations forces.

Latvia’s Accession Agreement with OECD Signals Further Western Integration

The news of the OECD accession will only act as so much chum in the water for a weakened but very dangerous shark.

Latvia Curiously Unmoved by Suggestion That Fences Don’t Work

The migrants Latvia wants to stop are Russian migrants, with or without main battle tanks and artillery.

Oil’s Collapse Continues; Central Asia Quails

Iran, Russia, and the oil-producing -stans are in for pain but good; and that pain will translate into both more regional instability and less power projection.

New Markets and Bitter Memories at the Heart of Poland’s Drive for European Expansion

Poland is becoming the number one supporter of further European expansion.

Transnistria: Russia Anxieties Played Out on the Smallest Stage of All

Transnistria is taking on a significance totally disproportionate to its size. It is as if Russia’s regional anxieties are being played out on the smallest stage of all.