Georgia Since the War – Promise Delayed

Five years on, Moscow continues its program of destabilization; only the administration in Tbilisi appears to be less resistant.

Presidential Election in Georgia Gearing Up

As long as Georgia’s leadership is more concerned with settling scores than governing, Georgia’s decade of democratic progress is in jeopardy.

Cozying Up to Kazakhstan?

The EU needs to do more to make Astana earn its keep in the area of political and media freedoms before showing Nazarbayev the money.

Pipeline Choice a Win for Azerbaijan, EU

Choosing TAP over Nabucco demonstrates that Azerbiajan’s energy sector can work cooperatively with the West to meet one of Europe’s greatest needs, reliable supplies of energy at competitive prices.

The Enemy Within: Moscow’s Hand Seen in Transdniester Moves

Leanca inherits a somewhat diminished hand than Filat had in dealing with Moscow and Tiraspol, and badly needs to assure a wary Europe that Moldova’s political strife is behind it.

Georgia to Investigate 2008 Russian Conflict

This new investigation is sure to raise more questions about Ivanishvili’s commitment to the democratic progress Georgia made under his predecessor.

Message in the Bottles: Lessons from Georgia’s Wine Industry Rebirth

Georgia’s ancient wine industry has transformed from a low quality, single market provider to a diverse, sophisticated, increasingly international supplier of respected vintages — all because of a 2006 Russian embargo.

Kyrgyz-Uzbek Border Talks a Positive Step

Tashkent has made an offer to settle the Sokh question once and for all. Satybaldiev’s government needs to reciprocate in good faith. We take the recent talks as a sign that it intends to do so.

Meeting Brings No Progress in Georgia’s Political Standoff

There is a reasonable middle ground for an agreement here, but as yet, both sides seem unwilling to be the first to give ground. Georgia stands on the precipice of a political crisis. Right now neither of its leaders has the courage to step back.

Nationalist Kyrgyzstan Politicians Accused of Incitement

The authorities now must make sure that a fair and open trial is conducted. Bishkek must leave no opportunity for Tashiev’s supporters to view him and his cohorts as victims of a politically motivated sham prosecution.