Lithuania Steps Up to Head European Council

Vilnius inevitably will be drawn further into the debate over how best to extricate troubled European states from their economic difficulties. Lithuania is particularly interested in stabilizing the eurozone since Vilnius hopes to enter the monetary union in 2015.

Georgia Should Be Friends with Both Europe and Russia

Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili is being challenged to demonstrate that his government can be friends with both Europe and Russia. The charge that the new government is moving the country eastward is a frequent claim with few specifics behind it.

Armenia Looks to Europe

Through history and culture, Armenia views itself as part of the West. Armenia cannot escape its geographical position: it should seek a solid relationship with Moscow and a warmer peace with Azerbaijan.

Challenges Grow to Azerbaijan’s Government

In this world, Azerbaijan would benefit from improved relations with the West. That is most likely to come in response to domestic liberalization.

Old Europe Fears Immigrant Influx from Eastern Europe

Rather than reacting out of fear, attempting to reduce natural economic links, the wealthier EU states should encourage poorer nations to the east to more fully participate in the economic mainstream.

Latvia to Adopt Euro

Not everyone is certain that this is a wise decision. Nevertheless, Latvia has followed policies which make its economic success likely irrespective of the fate of the Euro.

Holocaust Memorials Expand

Those living today in the former communist states obviously were not generally responsible for the Holocaust; but the rise of extremist parties makes it especially important to preserve the memory of what happens when the bonds of civilization are broken.

Agenda of Growth for the New Georgian Government

Political cooperation would create a better climate for further reform and, equally important, to attract new foreign investment. If Georgia succeeds it has, suggested ICG, an opportunity “to serve proudly as a true development model for the region.”

Credit Recovery in Eastern Europe?

Europe’s economic travails obviously present a significant challenge to the region. But the future of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe remains largely in their hands.

Children in Need

One of the greatest tragedies of Soviet rule was the status of children, especially those entrusted to state care. The same problem persists today.