Russia Endorses Plan to Keep Russia from Shooting Ukrainians (Subject to Revision)

Exciting news from the world of high diplomacy: Russia has endorsed a plan to have separatists in Eastern Ukraine (read: Russians) who have, with Russian (their own) backing tied up the mild laughingstock that is Ukraine’s armed forces in an unwinnable conflict, cease shooting those same Ukrainian forces for a week. Give or take. Subject to revision.

The news, announced by French and German envoys as if this means anything, was greeted with all of the fanfare and applause that could be expected of what is roughly the three-thousandth cease-fire in the territory Russia de facto invaded two and more years ago. It is a sign of how devalued the entire notion of a cease-fire stands today that a one-week ceasefire even makes the newswires.

So the kabuki play set in motion when President Yanukovych was overthrown outside of the democratic process continues. Ukraine cannot dislodge the better Russian army; Russia cannot or will not finalize its de facto conquest of half of its cultural cradle; and the West has discovered a new reality television series in Syria that is significantly more fun and has much more interesting characters. It is a rotten mess, and shows no signs of resolution, even though everyone tiredly continues through the motions.

Image Copyright Mstyslav Chernov/Creative Commons