Has the West Lost Its Grip at Last?

A spare but intriguing piece at the Financial Times:

Instead, the worry is that the prolonged economic instability that could result from a default would deepen the political hostility towards the rest of Europe among the Greek electorate, opening an opportunity for Russia to boost its sway in the country.

Throughout the Ukraine crisis, Moscow has been working to weaken support in the EU for sanctions, which require unanimous backing from the bloc’s 28 members. It has pushed to encourage pro-Russian political sentiment in Hungary and southeastern Europe, partly through its energy diplomacy.

The danger of a Greek exit from the eurozone has never been about the loss of monetary union or a minor setback to the European project. The danger is that it reveals the fissures long hidden by a great deal of happy talk about a joint European future — in this case, fissures Russia is looking to exploit.

Image Copyright Wikimedia Commons