Russia’s Power Play Against Ukraine “Will Only Strengthen Ukraine’s European Identity.”

Ukrainian members of parliament from both sides of the Verkhovna Rada and foreign dignitaries with long experience of Ukraine and Eastern Europe briefed the French foreign policy establishment in Paris earlier this month. Their message was one of hope and urgency — hope that Russia’s economic aggression against Kyiv would finally help push Europe and Ukraine together, and urgency because it is clear that Russia does not intend to sit idly by while its most valuable former possession realizes its dream of being a vital part of the West.

Perhaps the most important part of this gathering was the unified message presented by the governing Party of Regions and the United Opposition — that while they may not like each other or plan to work together, together they are working on the goal of delivering Ukraine to Europe. As Brussels and Kyiv rapidly approach the date on which they are to sign the Association Agreement to which they have worked so long, both the parliamentarians present and the foreign dignitaries noted the remarkable speed with which Ukraine is meeting its target benchmarks.

The future looks brighter with each passing week; and there is growing hope, and certainty, that November will mark a new beginning for Ukraine and Europe — and even for Russia as well.