Uzbekistan Still Hell

As Islam Karimov continues to lock down his grasp on his dystopian, failed state, and the U.S. continues to placate his regime as part of its graceless departure from Afghanistan, the United States Senate took some time to criticize the country for brutally oppressing three of the hundreds of journalists and human rights activists the regime routinely imprisons and tortures.

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A bipartisan letter to President Islam Karimov, initiated by senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Mark Kirk (R-IL), and signed by prominent Republican senators John McCain and Marco Rubio among others, requested information about the “health and status” of human rights lawyer Agzam Turgunov and journalists Dilmurod Saidov and Salijon Abdurakhmanov, whose “continued detention is inconsistent with our countries’ cooperation in many other areas and symbolic of a troubling pattern of harsh treatment for political prisoners” in Uzbekistan, the June 26 letter said.

It should be repeated that these three men are merely the most visible of the regime’s victims. Washington’s — and Europe’s — willful blindness where Karimov’s kleptocratic tyranny is concerned are yet more fallout of the hasty evacuation of Afghanistan, and the despicable lengths the Western alliance has been willing to go to incompetently prosecute and then retreat from the conflict.

Karimov will use his extended grace period to continue to put his house in order for the day when stern words become sterner words, and possibly renewed sanctions. Until then, the regime will continue its barbarous ways.

Who knows? They might even release a prisoner or two.

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