Report: U.S. State Department Places Travel Restriction on Svoboda

We have reported before on Svoboda, an odious collection of fascists with an undisguised propensity to anti-Semitism. We have called on the West to call to account its beloved Ukrainian opposition for embracing men and women who feel the only problem with Nazi Germany was its invasion of the Soviet Union (or more accurately, its refusal to depart voluntarily after beating up the Russians). Although that is as yet a bridge too far, it appears that there is finally some traction on this count.

According to JTA:

Two leaders of Ukraine’s ultranationalist Svoboda Party have been banned from entering the United States for their open anti-Semitism, a Ukrainian daily reported.

Svoboda leaders Oleh Tyahnybok and Igor Miroshnichenko were declared persona non grata in the United States earlier this year, following talks with Jewish leaders including the Simon Wiesenthal Center, according to a report published  Wednesday in the Kiev-based Sevodnya daily.

I have been unable to procure a copy of the article as yet, so I am relaying JTA’s report. (The paper is actually called Segodnya.) I will update when I can obtain a copy and independent confirmation.

Svoboda denies this, but Svoboda officially believes that most of Ukraine’s media is a Jewish-Russian conspiracy. Somehow, these people are allowed to stand in the Verkhovna Rada.

If this is true, it is marvelous news, and a welcome sign that at last, the West realizes at least some of the dangers still lurking in Ukraine. While there are many remaining, this may be a signal that even through an almost slavish love of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Opposition, the world can note when terrible things rise again from forgotten graves.

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