An End to Moldova’s Constitutional Crisis?

We have covered Moldova’s bizarre constitutional crisis at some length, and had poor hopes for its rapid resolution. Nevertheless, with the upcoming Association Agreement with the European Union in the balance, the majority parties of the former Soviet Republic have apparently struck a deal and returned to adulthood.

Wire services report that acting Prime Minister Iurie Leanca has been named Prime Minister, after a vote that saw a majority (less the abstaining Communists) endorse the status quo ante. Leanca, it should be recalled, was Vlad Filat’s Deputy Prime Minister. Filat himself (sort of) left office following a staged no confidence vote over Filat’s dismissal of the country’s chief prosecutor, who appeared to be somehow involved in a crime he refused to prosecute.

In Moldova, this all made a tragic sort of sense, and so the government was plunged into chaos.

Wire reports are somewhat sketchy on the details, but it appears that the three main governing parties finally put aside their differences and determined to move forward for Moldova’s sake. Whatever their past failings, their present maturity should be applauded.

Image Copyright Wikimedia Commons