Kazakhstan Again Painfully in the News

Kazakhstan has had its share of problems, but now it is being associated with terrorism, making a bad situation worse.

As reported by the Voice of America (and relayed by the Washington Times):

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry said Monday it was in touch with the two Kazakh students arrested near Boston over the weekend on immigration charges after possible links to the suspected Marathon bombers emerged.

Officials said that the two were detained after investigations were launched into their activities, including suspected contacts with the two brothers believed behind last week’s blasts, according to Voice of America.

Kazakhstan, despite early position as a returned-to-the-fold Soviet satellite, relies implicitly on playing a balancing game between Moscow and Washington. Being seen as a breeding ground risks undoing that delicate game and positioning the country to be the next Yemen.
Kazakhstan has made some good moves Westward over the last two years, and is generally not prone to creating jihadis. For Astana’s sake, let us hope that this investigation turns out to be so much misinformation.
Image Copyright Wikimedia Commons