Engagement in Ukraine: Will Europe and the United States Continue?

Our own Matt Lina appears today at RedState, arguing that Europe’s — and by extension, America’s — approach to Ukraine has been defective, at least:

Any reasonable person wants Ukraine to further liberalize, to engage in more democratic reforms, and to continue on the path set first by the Orange Revolution and now continued in Yanukovych’s election and pension reforms. Kiev would be the first to admit that they have a long road ahead of them, but they have set themselves — as those foreign ministers acknowledge — on the hard road of reform, toward Europe, and away from their traditional hegemon, Russia.

The cost of those reforms and that strategic positioning has not been small. Russia’s tendency to treat Ukraine as a vassal state — for reasons historical and geopolitical — is not lightly thwarted, and Russia has responded by increasing the political and economic pressure on Ukraine, especially through the natural gas on which Ukraine relies for survival.

Yet with this precarious balance — currently tilted in Europe’s favor — and those same electoral reforms, some of the EU’s foremost foreign ministers take to some of the most valuable journalistic real estate in the world to remonstrate Ukraine for the very sins they implicitly forgive from Iceland.

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